Friday, July 8, 2011

Travel Tips for Northern Cyprus

If you are on your Cyprus holidays to visit Cyprus, your visit is not complete without visiting Northern Cyprus. Here are some of the tips to travel into Northern Cyprus. First I would like to tell you why Northern Cyprus?. It has close intervention with European countries and it has modern European culture mixed with traditional Turkish culture. It is not crowded like Southern part of Cyprus. I wanted to tell about your dressing, if you are coming during summer don't forget to fetch light t-shirts and shoes. During winter you'll need a couple of shoes to walk around and have fun. During summer do have sun-screen lotion for your protection from sun. Its not that harmful, but feeling precaution is safe. Always get water bottles and don't drink from water tap. Regarding health issues, you can get doctors on call from your hotel reception. Mosque is one of the best places to visit and keep in mind during prayer hours visitors are not allowed inside the mosque. The last thing is, if you are flying to North Cyprus with your pets, you nee to have valid health and vaccination certificates. These are some of the useful tips apart from regular travel guides.

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