Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Budget Travel - Cyprus

Cyprus is costlier. You know why. Its an Island and its main source of income is tourism. Every year the number of tourists visiting Cyprus is increasing. I said its costlier and how the tourist count increases every year ? Fix your budget and plan accordingly. The tourists coming to Cyprus were not millionare or billionare. They are very good planners. So..how can you fix your Cyprus Holidays within budget?

1. Fix your budget - Before planning to fly, fix your budget and that would be really helpful. The budget can go higher but you must fix it before flying.

2. Book Accommodations before landing - Its really wise to book your place of stay at Cyprus. Staying in the outskirts will make you less cost and you will have more chance to explore the place completely.

3. Do not waste time - Its all your money..so do not waste your time. Plan your trip accordingly and start exploring at the earliest possible.

4. Public service - Always try to use public services they are easy for you move around. The only thing is you must take care of your things.

5. Bold and Negotiate - If we land in any country, its new for us and we will feel like we landed on an alien nation. All you have to do is be bold enough and negoatiate the cost.

If only you talk out..you get anything better.

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