Friday, June 17, 2011

Traditional food and drinks in Cyprus

If you are traveling to must know about Cyprus traditional food and drinks.

You must know an interesting fact about people of this Mediterranean island lives longer and healthy of the food and the quality of their life. The foods are similar to Greek which includes olive oil, olive, fruits, Greek salads, vegetables and fresh fish.

Apart from the above said they love Chicken, Fish, Lamb, Pork, Pasta, Rice and Pulses.

Foods in Cyprus


It is a simple snack for your lunch and dinner. These dishes includes cheeses and vine leaves.


You don’t need more details about will always get fresh fish and not packed all around Cyprus. No doubt..Cyprus peoples are lucky .


You will get fresh vegetables dipped with olive oil and lemon. You will love it and thats the secret of healthy life style in Cyprus.


You can ask for “Moussaka”, traditional dish- It would be from minced lamb and other stuffs includes aubergines, courgettes and potatoes. The Highlight is you will have a bechamel will definitely come back for it.


Minced meat and other healthy herbs, macaroni. Apart from it you will have halloumi cheese with mint. The above details are some of the traditional dishes but once you land will start loving all dishes from Cyprus.

Drinks in Cyprus


Its mild and pure. Cyprus Brandy Will still make you love your vacation .


One of the major exports from you don’t need to worry about its quality…its really lovable and great taste.


Beers will be rich in wheat and they are light. Worlds popular Beers are here..

Why waiting for…just book your tickets and make your Cyprus Holidays unforgettable.

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