Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tourist Attractions in Limassol - Cyprus

There are many things which grab tourists and travellers affinity towards Limassol. Cyprus is full of beaches which you can stroll anytime anywhere with a couple of traditional wines. You will love to stay here and enjoy your Cyprus Holidays because of several water activities at Dhassoudi Beach. There will be lot of sports activities and museum as well. You can enjoy the festival of arts and several musical live concerts will be going around from various musicians from all over Cyprus and sometimes from other parts of the world. You can feed your camera with great sceneraies from Archeology meseum, Botanical garden, standalone sculpture, fountain etc., Take a look at the municipal library and the Mosques also you can shop at Independence street where you can find porcelain, glass, gold, silver and other metal ornaments to decorate your wife. Apart from the above mentioned attractions there are number of things to watch and explore.

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